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Sika is a free sound font player dedicated to oriental and Arabic scales with 9 popular oriental instruments and the ability to play Arabic traditional scales accompanied with beat track (Maksoom style)
Sika 1.5 runs on PC and MAC machines
Compatible with VST RTAS AU hosts

Sika main features
  -  new enhanced sound engine
  - 3 simultaneous sound sources (factory – user – percussion) 
  - 9 oriental sampled instruments (plus percussion loops)
  - easy and fast way to change scales
  - recordable scale changes over time
  - editable sound banks
  - user sound bank to load external sound fonts
  - percussion sound bank to play programmed loops
  - doff and Riq Maksoom styles
  - sync to host with tempo changes
  - full automation control
  - reverb unit with separate send control 
Sounds included :                           Loops included :
  -  Aud                                            -  Maksoom (Doff)
  -  Sax                                             -  Saidi  (Doff)
  -  Nay                                            -  Maksoom (Riq)
  -  Accordion
  -  Turkish Trumpet
  -  Trumpet
  -  Kanoun
  -  Kanoun stereo
  -  Kanoun Octave

System requirements
Windows XP – Vista
Pluggo runtime (Free)
256 MB RAM
100 MB free disk space
VST or RTAS host
Mac PPC or Intel
OSX 10.4.X or up
Pluggo runtime (Free)
256 MB RAM
100 MB Disk Space
VST - RTAS - Audio Unit host

 Sika 1.5 for Windows                                 Sika 1.5 for Mac OSX
         1.6.1 update                                               1.6.1 update

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